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Sweet Land and The Studio

There was something equally magical and creepy about the fluorescent glow emitting from the depths of the studio this past week. Jim (aka Dad) was quite the determined figure, working long into the night to tape and mud all of the drywall seams of our 250 square foot space. I mostly stood awkwardly, watching as he worked and documenting what I could without getting in the way.


As adamant as I was about helping/learning throughout the entirety of this project, neither of us was terribly confident in my ability to be as precise as he was. Needless to say, there are a lot of thank-you gifts in his future for working on this project.


Speaking of which, remember when I said my parents were almost immediately on board with this idea? Well, Jim was the almost. Barb (aka Mom) and I had both feet in on this project before we even knew how the hell we were going to get the John Deere tractor out of the space. Turns out we needed another John Deere to help move the first one… Jim for the win on that one as well. It is both a gift and a curse being as handy as he is and I am grateful for the hours and hours he has put into getting this space going. Words will never really be able to convey that.

As the space steadily makes its way towards completion, we find ourselves eager to move in, set up, and start working. My relationship with the space will be bittersweet for the next few weeks as I recently moved back to Madison, WI to teach a six-week art and design workshop for high school students. Many of my weekdays will be spent on the phone with mom making sure dad hasn’t totally killed himself trying to finish the space without us. And I am working on a schedule of weekends I will commute back and spend time painting and installing all necessary studio equipment – of which we have plenty. So stay tuned as the adventure continues to unfold, will you?

In the meantime, I find myself sitting in my sublet, watching Sweet Land and finishing this post. Sweet Land is a great movie if you haven’t seen it. It’s set in 1920’s rural Minnesota and is about a Norwegian farmer, Olaf, and his mail-order German bride, Inga. I don’t want to ruin the movie for those of you who might want to check it out, so just know that it is adorable and what people can do with some serious determination and commitment is pretty amazing.

I’ll leave you all with a few images of Sean and Seamus Mulloy, our MELK mascots. Until next time, thanks again for reading!


Above: Seamus, happy as ever. Earlier this same day he chewed all the toes off of my left Barefoot shoe. The right remained untouched...

Below: Sean, looking to be pet.


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