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Please take a moment to locate your exits...

When Barb, Jim, and I made the inaugral Menards run for this project, it was a pretty exciting moment. I had never been part of building something this legitimate before, so I was ready to learn about all the supplies we would need to make it happen. Gang boxes, electrical plugs and switches, R-13 insulation, R-16 insulation, mold-resistant drywall, etc. When Barb and I came across a shelf of EXIT signs in the lighting department, we instantly wanted one. And dad? His response was essentially, "that space is 10 feet by 25 feet. Why the hell do you need an EXIT sign... you going to get lost?" My response? "There are two doorways in that space, dad. When we have vistors, how are people supposed to know which one to use when they need to leave?" Needless to say, this playful banter has existed throughout the entirety of this project. I was pretty sure we weren't going to get that EXIT sign, but then mom sent me this text:

MOM: Did you happen to notice the exit sign?



Exit Sign.JPG

Was it a necessary addition? Absolutely not. But MELK is intended to be a creative workspace, and as a creative workspace, we've got to have a little fun with it, right? So, if you ever get a moment to visit us after we are done setting up, please do take a moment to locate your proper exits. Discussions of a "Grand Opening" party have begun, by the way. We don't have a date or time set just yet, but we're thinking sometime Fall 2015, once we get settled and have had some time to produce work.

As you may notice from the picture above, our base boards, door and large window trims are now painted and in place! The tiles have also been grouted and scrubbed clean of excess grout. There is still a lot of work to be done, but it satisfying to see how far this project has come already. The next steps are to panel the exterior of the milk house so that it matches the addition, replace the old milk house windows, and install the propane heater. Tomorrow begins my first day of orientation for my Design workshop in Madison. It will be a couple weeks until I am back in Cleveland again, but as updates become available, I will make sure to share.


Before I forget, for those of you who were following our poll on the blue or white door debacle, the results are in. Votes for blue outnumbered those for white. If you are disappointed white did not win, fear not... The door is currently white, which has prompted a lot banter between Jim and I. More than that damn EXIT sign could have ever dreamed. Rest assured, I'm planning my attack (and spray bomb purchases) strategically.

CompareContrast copy.jpg

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