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Put on your movin' shoes, people. We're moving in!

And so it begins… We are officially bringing supplies into the space. What once was a pristinely empty 250 square feet is now a site of temporary anxiety as we take in the amount of studio crap I seem to own. Seriously, what person in their right mind has over a dozen embroidery hoops?! Apparently me. Future embroidery workshops, anyone?

But fear not. With time, MELK Studios is going to be one hot little creative spot. In fact, it might already BE one. My sister (Hari), mom, and I actually spent a good portion of Saturday night drinking wine in it, brainstorming how we were going to channel our inner feng shui Goddesses. Well, Hari actually sat in my extra comfy IKEA chair reading a trashy romance novel and plotting the latest installment of her trashy romance blog... (You’ll probably want to check it out, by the way. It is quite entertaining.)

The point is we were all being creative in some capacity. That creativity will only continue to grow as we build out our storage and bring in our remaining furniture. Annnnnd purge the hoarding beast – ie: Me.

But all of these things come with time, something I am learning the hard way. As I finish up my final two and a half weeks of teaching in Madison, time I get to spend at home currently is precious and limited to every other weekend or so. The Land of Immediate Gratification wants everything done now, but the tortoise knows better… or something like that. Good things come to those who wait, right?

In the end, all will be well. And in the interim, we welcome you to enjoy these few sneak peaks into what we have accomplished thus far! Check back in another week or so for additional updates as they emerge. Thanks for stopping by!

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