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Brackets, Shelves, and Counter tops, OH MY.

Hello, all you beautiful MELK followers! It's been a while since our last post, but fear not -- We're still here, I promise. I've been MIA from the blog the last few weeks as I finished up teaching in Madison. This past weekend I officially moved back to the area and ever since, I've had a metaphorical fire lit under my you-know-what... It's time to get this show on the road and this studio organized, up and running.

This word I just typed... Organized. What a horrible word, am I right? With little built in storage and quickly dwindling floor space, we've decided to maximize our vertical storage space as much as possible. We are also installing a built-in counter top where we can pack our creative stuff underneath. Pretty much anything we can do to cram stuff here and a little more stuff there, we're doing. So here we are, installing brackets, building shelves, and laminating a counter top together! Here are some photos documenting the process thus far:

Above: Prepping shelves for sanding.

Below: Sanding shelves before applying varnish.

Above: Our counter top, biscuit joined and glued together. And now we wait...

Below: Another shot of our drying counter top.

These shelves and our counter top could not have come at a better time. Mom and I just received a word today that our 10ft x 10ft artist booth has been successfully reserved for SPUTNIKFEST. (If you aren't familiar with SPUTNIKFEST, you're probably going to want to check it out on 9/12/15 if you are in the Manitowoc area. It's something to witness, believe you me.) MELK Studios and Hoard House will be debuting some special finds and handmade creations especially selected for this event. More information to come.

Is there anything specific you would like to bring home from the event? Shoot us a message, we'd love to hear from you and the types of things you'd like to see in our booth.

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